Expedited Trucking in Spokane

Do you have a high-priority, urgent freight? Trust Mikhail Trucking LLC to beat the clock. With our widespread route network and state-of-the-art fleet, we can get your time-sensitive shipment where it needs to go at a fair price.

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Trusted Expedited Trucking Company

We are a fully registered, insured, and bonded trucking company, and we’re in the business of offering unprecedented shipping speeds. Our clients represent a complete range of industries, and they all trust us with their unique commodities. From dry goods to oversized loads, our company has the skills and resources to deliver your freight on time and intact.

Immediate Expedited Trucking Quotes

When you’re looking for a quote on a time-sensitive freight, you can’t afford to get the runaround. At Mikhail Trucking LLC, we recognize the value of your time. When you give us a call, you’ll find a personable, professional agent at the other end of the line, ready to provide you with immediate assistance.

Thanks to our top-of-the-line in-house logistics system, we’ll be able to simulate a direct route for your freight on the spot. We’ll tell you precisely the time that we can make the delivery, along with the amount we’ll charge for the job.

With us, there’s no guesswork involved because there’s no time to waste. Get your quote today.

Diligent Expedited Freight Carrier

We provide our clients with lightning-fast deliveries, but we don’t sacrifice an ounce of quality assurance for the cause. We’re committed to unloading your cargo in the same perfect condition that we loaded it.

To accomplish this, we hire highly skilled drivers with certification and extensive experience in the transport of specialized goods. We keep meticulous logs of our handling procedures so that you can see every move your freight makes for yourself. Plus, we ensure our trucks and trailers are regularly cleaned, and always pack them to near capacity with proper weight distribution. That way, we can ensure your goods will be safe and cozy while in transit.

Combining our in-cab satellites and advanced computerized dispatch systems, we’ll be able to monitor your goods and track their progress on the road. We can provide you with real-time updates along the way, whenever you’d like them.

World-Class Customer Service from Your Freight Carrier

We work quickly and provide swift service, but we still hold ourselves accountable for delivering the world-class customer service that has become our hallmark. Whether your freight takes an hour or a day, you can expect every interaction that you have with our team members to be polite and courteous.

Expedited Freight Company: In a Hurry to Help

Need a rush order executed ASAP? No problem. Mikhail Trucking LLC is ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. You’ll appreciate our specialized fleet, quality customer service, and lightning-fast shipping speeds.

Drop our agents a line today to get a no-obligation quote. We look forward to serving you.