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Handling the documentation, customs forms, and insurance claims, alongside continual flows of international imports and exports can be overwhelming and exceedingly complicated. But not if you hire Mikhail Trucking LLC to be your freight forwarder. Our goal? To make international and long-distance freight transport easier for shippers and carriers alike.

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Why Choose Mikhail Trucking LLC to Be Your Freight Forwarder?

Competitive Rates

We offer cost-effective forwarding solutions that will save you money on shipping. Over the years, we have developed strong connections with freight carriers—sea, air, and trucking—that allow us to negotiate lower prices for our clients. In many cases, we are able to group several freights together as one shipment, reducing the shipping costs for everyone. Not only that, but our long-term partnerships allow us to give valuable advice from which our clients are able to gain many financial benefits.


Another advantage of working with us is the flexibility, versatility, and expediency that our services facilitate. Our clients trust us because we make it possible to meet tighter deadlines and find quick rerouting solutions for international shipments. We leverage our knowledge of ports and trucking carriers from around the world to anticipate and prevent costly delays. Choosing Mikhail Trucking LLC means you will never be blind-sided by unknown factors.

Supply Chain Management

Finally, on an organizational level, we will give you a sense of control over your supply chain. Many 3PL logistics companies are too bulky to offer transparency and customer care that has come to inform our very approach. Need to make sudden changes to a shipment? Did you discover an issue with your goods? No problem—we can handle it. We can act faster, make changes easier, and provide you with more information than the competition.

Your Freight, Delivered On-Time and Intact

Utilizing our deep connections with top-tier carriers, we make every effort to ensure that your shipments arrive in the same condition they were dispatched. This is especially important during customs inspections and while shipping containers are moved, loaded, and unloaded during transit.

And speaking of customs, we will manage all the paperwork for you. Every country requires different forms and types of documentation. This is our field, and we don’t make mistakes. Our keen knowledge of import and export laws makes passing through multiple borders a breeze—no more worrying about delays at customs. We have already anticipated them and found solutions.

Hassle-Free International Freight Shipping

When you hire Mikhail Trucking LLC as your freight forwarding company, you are giving yourself greater control, more flexibility, lower shipping rates, and overall hassle-free experience of international shipping. Our clients don’t stick with us year after year for nothing. We offer the transparency, convenience, and knowledge that they need to run their business in the most efficient way possible.

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